Month: March 2019

Who Can Contest a Will?
Posted March 26, 2019

Under Illinois law, certain individuals who believe that a loved one’s will does not actually reflect that person’s wishes, whether because of undue influence, incapacitation, fraud, or improper execution, are often able to contest the will itself. However, even if evidence of fraud or undue influence exists, a person can only contest a will if […]

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Is Life Insurance a “Set and Forget” Asset?
Life Insurance Attorney
Posted March 20, 2019

Much of the life insurance purchased over the past 15-20 years for estate planning purposes was of a type known as guaranteed universal life insurance. It was (and is) popular in estate planning because it was generally less expensive to buy than traditional whole life, yet it came with a guarantee such that the risk […]

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Early Inheritance in Illinois
Posted March 06, 2019

Drafting a will is one of the best ways that a person can ensure that his or her assets will be distributed in a way that he or she deems fair. However, wills must still be filed with a probate court upon the testator’s death, at which point they become vulnerable to contests and delays. […]

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