Month: July 2017

Establishing an Incentive Trust
Estate Planning Attorney
Posted July 26, 2017

When an elderly parent or grandparent plans their estate, they may be apprehensive about leaving substantial sums of money to teenagers or young adults, who may misspend or waste the funds. Some parents and grandparents attempt to avoid this by setting up a trust that distributes funds at certain ages. For instance, a grandchild could […]

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Admitting a Lost Will to Probate
Probate Attorney
Posted July 11, 2017

Although it is not always possible to prevent a disgruntled family member from contesting a will,  there are steps that testators can take to help reduce the chances of a will contest. Unfortunately, even when testators are careful to abide by all procedural rules, their efforts may come to nothing if the family members are […]

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