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Must-Have Components of a Solid Estate Plan
Chicago Estate Planning
Posted April 25, 2022

When people talk about estate planning, there are a lot of documents that are often discussed. Estate planning can sound like an alphabet soup of documents. But which are essential, “must-haves” to have a solid estate plan? The Northfield estate planning attorneys at Orlowsky & Wilson can provide you with more information. One Size Doesn’t […]

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How to Use Estate Planning to Properly Transfer Assets and Avoid a Contested Estate
contested estate
Posted January 24, 2022

When you think about what will happen when you are gone, the last thing you probably want to imagine is your loved ones fighting over your estate or your estate documents. Yet, you won’t be here, so there is nothing you can do about that, right? Well, actually, there are things that you can do, […]

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The Illinois Gift Tax and How Proper Estate Planning Can Reduce It
Illinois gift tax
Posted November 08, 2021

Estate planning is essential, and something that everyone should consider doing. Because life can be unpredictable, there is no dedicated age or amount of wealth that a person has as a limiting factor with regard to the distribution of their assets when they pass on. Proactively working out the details of one’s wealth can help […]

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