Month: May 2016

New Illinois Law Clarifies Disabled Testators
Posted May 24, 2016

Individuals considering planning for their future need to be aware of a new Illinois probate law that took effect in January that may affect whether their last will and testament is deemed valid by the courts upon their passing. However, as with many aspects of estate planning, many of these issues can be mitigated with […]

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Divorcing, Children and Asset Protection
Posted May 16, 2016

Divorcing, Children and Asset Protection Provided By: Alan G. Orlowsky For parents, it is difficult to watch children or grandchildren go through a failed marriage. But even worse might be the knowledge that money you left for their inheritance ends up in the hands of an ex-son or daughter-in-law. The good news is that you can […]

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Who Has Standing To Contest A Will In Illinois?
Posted May 05, 2016

Who Has Standing To Contest A Will In Illinois? In Illinois, wills and trusts are entered into probate courts for approval, after which the executor of the estate disperses the assets amongst the beneficiaries as the deceased saw fit in his or her will. However, even the best laid plans may be held up by […]

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