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Is it Expensive to Contest an Estate in Illinois?
contest an estate
Posted July 07, 2022

How To Contest An Estate In Illinois Let’s say that you are a beneficiary in someone else’s will in Illinois, or at least, that you expect to be a beneficiary. The time comes to administer the estate, and you come to find that in fact, you have been left out of the will, or else, […]

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How to Declare Someone Incompetent in Illinois
declare someone incompetent
Posted December 07, 2021

For almost everything in the law, competency is required. Competency doesn’t mean that a person is educated, or that they have a high IQ. It just means that a person can rationally appreciate what they are doing. Competency is required to enter into contracts, give testimony in court, or get married. Competency and Estate Laws […]

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How to Avoid a Contested Estate Using Wills and Trusts
contested estate
Posted October 29, 2021

Estate plans accomplish many things, including ensuring  your actual wishes are seen through as you wanted them to be. Also, that there will be no battles about your intentions between your beneficiaries. Ultimately, when a person decides to put a comprehensive estate plan together, they are doing so because they want their wealth to be […]

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