Steps To Take To Prevent A Contested Estate
contested estates
Posted February 06, 2024

Estate planning is a critical process that allows individuals to ensure their assets are distributed according to their wishes after their passing. However, even with a well-thought-out estate plan, disputes among heirs and beneficiaries can sometimes arise, leading to contested estates. In Illinois, as in other states, there are steps you can take to minimize […]

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Why Estate Planning Isn’t Just For Wealthy People
estate planning
Posted February 01, 2024

Estate planning is a term that often conjures images of affluent individuals, vast fortunes, and complex financial structures. However, the reality is that estate planning isn’t just reserved for the wealthy. In Illinois, estate planning is vital for people of all income levels. This guide will help you understand why estate planning is relevant and […]

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How Contested Estates Can Delay Probate
contested estates
Posted January 08, 2024

Probate is an essential legal process that comes into play after an individual’s death, dealing primarily with the distribution of their assets according to their will or state law if no will exists. The core purpose of probate is to ensure that the deceased person’s debts are paid, and their assets are distributed to the […]

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Is There A Way To Avoid The Illinois Inheritance Tax?
inheritance tax
Posted January 04, 2024

Inheritance tax in Illinois, a state-level tax, is levied on certain inheritances received by beneficiaries. It’s distinct from other forms of taxation related to death, such as estate tax, and is calculated based on the value of inherited assets. Unlike some states, Illinois has retained its inheritance tax, making it an essential consideration for estate […]

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