Month: December 2014

What to Do if Your Parent or Spouse is Incompetent
Posted December 11, 2014

This post will attempt to answer some of the questions we get on competence and incompetence such as: How To Prove Incompetence What Are Legally Incompetent Adults How To Declare Someone Legally Incompetent How Is Someone Declared Mentally Incompetent? By Alan G. Orlowsky Taking over a loved one’s financial affairs can be tricky. Let’s take […]

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Contesting a Will in Illinois
Posted December 04, 2014

Contesting a Will in Illinois By: Alan G. Orlowsky While around 99 percent of all wills that go through probate pass through without incident, sometimes issues arise surrounding the distribution of assets or other areas within the will. When this happens, the will is deemed “contested.” Only certain people involved in the estate can contest […]

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