Month: December 2021

What are the Chances of Successfully Challenging a Will in Illinois?
contesting a will
Posted December 28, 2021

When a will is drafted, and there are a lot of possible beneficiaries or people who stand to inherit something from the will, there is often a disappointment. That’s because sometimes, there just aren’t enough assets in the estate for every beneficiary to get everything that he or she wants. Other times, personal conflicts result […]

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How to Declare Someone Incompetent in Illinois
declare someone incompetent
Posted December 07, 2021

For almost everything in the law, competency is required. Competency doesn’t mean that a person is educated, or that they have a high IQ. It just means that a person can rationally appreciate what they are doing. Competency is required to enter into contracts, give testimony in court, or get married. Competency and Estate Laws […]

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