Month: April 2022

Must-Have Components of a Solid Estate Plan
Chicago Estate Planning
Posted April 25, 2022

When people talk about estate planning, there are a lot of documents that are often discussed. Estate planning can sound like an alphabet soup of documents. But which are essential, “must-haves” to have a solid estate plan? The Northfield estate planning attorneys at Orlowsky & Wilson can provide you with more information. One Size Doesn’t […]

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Reasons You Never Want a Contested Estate
Contested Estates
Posted April 13, 2022

Whenever people discuss or write about estate planning, there seems to be one overriding goal: Avoiding a contested estate. But why is a contested estate something to avoid? Why does it matter if an estate is contested? The Lincolnshire estate planning lawyers at Orlowsky & Wilson can help. Legal and Non-Legal Reasons Some of the […]

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