Month: May 2023

What Is The Success Rate Of Contesting A Will Or Estate?
contesting a will
Posted May 29, 2023

When someone drafts a will and many beneficiaries could benefit, there is a chance someone will be disappointed. This can happen because the estate has insufficient assets for everyone to receive what they want. There also may be conflicts when the person passes away when someone is omitted as an heir or beneficiary. Learn more […]

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How Long Will Contesting A Trust Hold Up Proceedings?
contesting a trust
Posted May 16, 2023

Trusts can be a valuable estate planning tool, but sometimes a trust is contested. For example, this could happen if a decedent unexpectedly leaves their estate to a new spouse or partner instead of the children. In this article, learn more about contesting a trust and contested estates, and talk to our Lincolnshire estate planning […]

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Is There Any Way To Avoid The Gift Tax In Illinois?
gift tax
Posted May 02, 2023

As you do your estate planning, you might have heard about the gift tax and how to avoid it. This article details how to avoid the gift tax in Illinois (there is no state gift tax, but there is a federal gift tax that applies in some situations – see below). If you have questions […]

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