Month: November 2019

Taking Digital Assets Into Consideration When Planning Your Estate
Estate Planning Attorney
Posted November 29, 2019

Whether social, work-related, personal, or financial, most aspects of our lives involve some sort of an online presence. The implications of this trend are especially important when it comes to finances and estate planning, so if you are thinking about creating or amending an estate plan, you should contact an experienced estate planning lawyer who […]

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How the Doctrine of Election Affects a Beneficiary’s Ability to Contest a Will
Contested Estates Lawyer
Posted November 15, 2019

The doctrine of election is a legal principle that prohibits beneficiaries from challenging the terms of a will if they have already chosen to receive benefits under the same provisions. Determining when this doctrine is triggered can be difficult, so if you need help determining whether this theory could bar your own attempts to contest […]

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