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The following cases represent the type of matters that Orlowsky & Wilson, Ltd. handle.

IRS Audit and Claim Settlement

Successfully settled $250,000 claim by IRS against client. The audit was initiated due to audit of taxpayer´s employer. Alan protested IRS finding at the audit level and, through negotiations with IRS Appeals officer, reduced the assessment to less than 5 percent of the claimed amount.

Out-of-State IRS Audit Transferred In-State

Estate tax audit of out-of-state decedent resulted in claim against the estate of $75,000 due to contribution issues, relative to joint-tenancy property. Audit was transferred to Illinois and successfully settled for 50 cents on the dollar.

Penalties for Filing Late Payroll Tax Returns

Failure of clients to pay in excess of $100,000 in payroll taxes resulted in penalty against client in excess of $200,000. Upon submission of Offer in Compromise, and subsequent negotiations with IRS, client paid $25,000 in settlement and won release of all liens.

Capital Gain vs. Ordinary Income

Upon audit of taxpayer´s business, IRS concluded that capital gain was wrongly classified and should have been reported as an ordinary income. Assessment was more than $30,000. Upon protest, the matter was settled at IRS Appeals for $7,500.

Penalty for Error on Tax Return

Recent error on individual tax return by referred client resulted in tax court litigation and assessment by IRS of $12,500. Claim was settled in short order for $2,500.

IRS Tax Court Litigation

Client´s failure to properly file his tax returns resulted in IRS Tax Court litigation. Assessment by IRS was more than $25,000. Alan properly prepared all returns and settled the matter for $5,000.

Settlement of IRS Claim

Referred client had failed to file business and personal income tax returns for five years. IRS claimed tax due of $345,000. Upon proper and accurate filing of all tax returns, client received a refund.

Settlement of IDOR Claim for Back Payroll Taxes

Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) claimed that client (business co-owner) owed $36,000 in back payroll taxes. After helping client resolve disputes with former business associates, negotiated settlement with IDOR for $7,000 payment of back payroll taxes, or 19 cents on the dollar.

IRS Audit – Reconstruction of Lost Records

IRS audited client´s 2002 tax returns. Client, self-employed, had moved her office and lost all 2002 expense records. To support deductions on tax return, helped client reconstruct records and settled with IRS for $15,000 after estimating potential tax liability (including interest and penalties) at $100,000.

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