Mundelein Elder Law & Probate Lawyer Attorney

Mundelein Elder Law & Probate Lawyer Attorney

As we age and our needs change, so too do our legal concerns. Many of the concerns in this area arise from ensuring that we have access to proper healthcare. Another concern revolves around ensuring our families are taken care of after our death. At Orlowsky & Wilson, we specialize in the laws tailored to protect the elderly.

Medicaid Planning

The rising costs of healthcare can quickly take a toll on the finances of the unprepared. Medicaid planning is designed to help cover your expenses and protect your family’s finances. While your level of treatment remains the same, you are protected from the costs of private party insurance.

Disability Planning

Often as we become older we are no longer able to complete everyday tasks like we used to. Sometimes making a trip to the grocery store, paying electric bills, or ensuring our credit cards are taken care of turns into an overwhelming task. Preparing for the natural aging process and the toll it takes on these tasks will ensure that you are taken care of comfortably during this time in your life.

Estate Planning

As we grow older, we realize we won’t always have the ability to protect our families or our assets. What we can do is ensure our family’s financial future and secure that our property is entrusted to those dearest to us. Proper estate planning allows for your property to be distributed in the manner that best suits your loved ones’ needs.

At Orlowsky & Wilson, we understand each of these individual concerns and how they can affect your life. We can help you to understand the laws that are intended to benefit the elderly. As you comfortably enjoy the last phase of your life, we can ensure that your legal woes are handled to your advantage. Contact us today by calling (847) 325-5559 and help secure the future for yourself and your loved ones.


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