Month: February 2023

How Important Are Crummey Letters When Setting Up An Irrevocable Trust?
Crummey Letters
Posted February 27, 2023

An important way to reduce taxes on your estate is to make gifts to your loved ones during your life. This is done with the annual gift tax exemption of $16,000 as of 2022. You can make a gift to your loved one up to the current exemption amount every year. You can give that […]

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Estate Planning Tools Used To Prevent A Contested Estate
contested estate
Posted February 06, 2023

It is always an emotional and challenging time when a loved one passes. The situation can be made worse when it comes time to distribute the deceased’s assets. What happens if a beneficiary contests the estate? Fortunately, a contested estate can often be prevented with careful estate planning. If you need assistance, the Lincolnshire estate […]

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