Month: April 2023

Why Contested Estates Should Never Happen
ORLOWSKY 2 Why Contested Estates Should Never Happen APRIL 2023
Posted April 17, 2023

One of the most critical goals of an estate plan is to avoid disagreements among beneficiaries about who gets what. Proper estate planning also minimizes the chances there will be a contested estate. Learn more about this critical topic below, then speak to our Lake County estate planning lawyers at Orlowsky & Wilson for legal […]

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How To Prevent Unintended Beneficiaries Of Your Estate
estate planning
Posted April 10, 2023

When doing estate planning, it is essential to do so carefully so that your money goes to the people you intend. Unfortunately, if Illinois estate planning is not done correctly, the money you worked so hard for could go to unintended beneficiaries. Learn how to prevent this problem below, then talk to our Lincolnshire estate […]

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