Month: March 2022

What Does the Term Payable on Death Mean in Estate Planning?
payable on death
Posted March 23, 2022

One goal of estate planning is to allow assets to transfer, without the possibility of infighting amongst your loved ones. The other goal is to try to pass assets with as little legal involvement as possible. That is, without courts, probate, and lawyers. There are a number of ways that this can be done, but […]

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What are Some of the Difficulties Encountered When Contesting a Will or Trust?
contesting a will
Posted March 09, 2022

Contesting A Will Or Trust Many people believe that challenging something in a will is an easy process. However, although it is possible, it is not easy, and people who try to challenge a will or a trust, often face numerous legal hurdles. Getting Evidence One hurdle that someone who tries to contest estate documents […]

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