Month: July 2018

The Important Differences Between Self-Settled and Third-Party Special Needs Trusts
Special Needs Trusts
Posted July 23, 2018

Many Illinois residents who have children or other relatives with disabilities choose to create third-party special needs trusts for those individuals, which ensures that they will have the means to cover certain expenses. However, creating this type of trust can disqualify disabled individuals from need-based government assistance. Fortunately, when trusts are set up correctly, disabled […]

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How Can Creating a Revocable Living Trust Protect My Estate?
Estate Planning Attorney
Posted July 09, 2018

Planning your estate is one of the best ways to ensure that your assets and property will go to those who can use it them the most, whether or not they are relatives, friends, or even charitable organizations. While this could involve including bequests in a will, it is not the only method of estate […]

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