Month: December 2020

Removing an Executor from an Estate
Executor of an Estate
Posted December 23, 2020

When a person passes away with a will in place, his/her assets will be distributed according to that estate plan. However, administering these bequests does require the help of an executor, who is also usually named in the will. While these individuals owe a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries of the estate they administer, an […]

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Accounting Income Taxes in Your Estate Plan
Chicago Estate Planning
Posted December 09, 2020

The estate planning process is complex. It involves more than just deciding which heirs or beneficiaries will receive a person’s assets. Testators will need to grapple with complicated tax-related issues when planning their estates, including how to save their loved one’s from paying excessive income and transfer taxes upon inheritance. While this was often more […]

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