Estate Planning and Probate

Estate Planning and Probate Successes

The following cases represent the types of matters that Orlowsky & Wilson, Ltd. handle.

Represented Executor of Estate

Completed six-year probate estate in which angry beneficiary filed hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims against the executor. Successfully completed for pennies on the dollar.

Represented Decedent

Successfully planned deathbed estate plan and administered estate in which alcoholic spendthrift beneficiary was unable to gain control of inheritance notwithstanding strident challenges. Moreover, related incompetency hearing was avoided.

Represented Executor

Successfully settled and closed estate where decedent´s children were beneficiaries of his trust. The children´s natural mother was deceased. Decedent´s second wife, the children´s step-mother, was estranged from the children. The step-mother feuded over the allegedly unfair distribution of the estate to the children.

Represented Trustee

Successfully administered multi-million-dollar estate without probate and avoided hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate tax (settling for $35,000), through the use of gifting strategies and insurance trust.

Represented Trustee/Executor

Completed administration of a million-dollar estate through negotiations, notwithstanding bitterly feuding beneficiaries, who felt that the trustee/executor, through undue influence, received an unfair percentage of the estate.

Represented Trustee/Executor

Planned and administered $4 million estate of 90-year-old benefactor. probate proceedings were avoided. The decedent´s children had urged their aging mother to make a will and trust, and she resisted, suspecting that her children´s intentions were self-serving. Alan helped to convince the mother that her children´s intentions were noble.

Represented Trustee

Through careful and diplomatic urging, convinced ailing octogenarian to transfer his assets to his revocable trust. Trustor died shortly thereafter. Planning resulted in avoidance of probate in Illinois, as well as Florida and California.

Represented Executor

Successfully challenged litigation against decedent´s estate by hostile, bitter and irresponsible former spouse. Defense allowed trustee friendly to the deceased to maintain control of assets for the benefit of decedent´s minor children (who were the children of the former spouse as well).

Represented Surviving Spouse/Executor

Successfully probated estate wherein the deceased spouse left substantial debt and neglected business affairs. Virtually all claims against the estate by creditors were legally discharged. Accordingly, surviving spouse was able to wind up all business affairs, liquidate and dissolve the business, and maintain her life style.

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