Month: January 2020

Proof of Will Hearings in Illinois
Contested Estates Attorney
Posted January 22, 2020

When a person’s heirs or beneficiaries believe a loved one’s will is the result of fraud or forgery, they may have the option of contesting the estate in probate court. These proceedings often begin with a formal proof of will hearing, where the witnesses to a decedent’s will are asked to testify as to the […]

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Tips on How to Improve Your Estate Plan
Estate Planning Attorney
Posted January 07, 2020

Many people feel they do not need to revisit the issues of estate planning once their wills or trusts are in place. However, revisiting an estate plan is one of the best ways to refine it and ensure one’s assets are protected. For help re-evaluating or modifying your own estate plan, please contact an experienced […]

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