Month: December 2017

Let’s Talk About Selling Your Business
Business Law
Posted December 22, 2017

You’re selling your business. What should you watch out for? As our population ages, more and more business owners are looking to sell their business. Some want to cash out and retire. Others want to bring in employees as owners and stay involved in the business. And others would like to transfer the business to […]

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What is Testamentary Capacity?
Contested Estates Attorney
Posted December 19, 2017

When planning an estate, many people are confronted for the first time with the phrase “testamentary capacity,” which is a legal term that refers to a person’s mental capacity to draft a will or create a trust. If a court finds that a person lacked testamentary capacity, then it will invalidate any will that the […]

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Creating a Pet Trust
Estate Planning
Posted December 11, 2017

While most people will outlive their pets, some do not, which can raise concerns amongst pet owners, especially the elderly, about who will care for their animals after they pass away. In some cases, an informal agreement with a loved one or close friend is enough to put the owner’s mind at ease, but in […]

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Parents & Grandparents: A Trust May Be the Best Option for Asset Distribution
Estate Planning
Posted December 06, 2017

How to Plan for Minor Children – Part 2 Parents & Grandparents: A Trust May Be the Best Option for Asset Distribution Last month we looked at guardianship, the first of two issues that affect planning for minor children. This month we will look at some ideas for leaving money to minor children. We start […]

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