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How To Prevent Your Home From Being In A Contested Estate
contested estate
Posted October 31, 2022

Your home is probably your largest asset. It is something most of us want to transfer to your heirs quickly. However, without proper estate planning, your home could wind up in a contested estate. The good news is there are several ways to prevent this from happening. Some of the most effective methods are detailed […]

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Five Ways to Prevent Contested Estates
contested estates
Posted October 03, 2022

The passing of a loved one is always a stressful time. Even in times of grief, there are people in some families who love to cause drama. They may be looking to start an argument, and this is especially true once it comes time to distribute assets. Who gets what? Did Grandma leave you the […]

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How Long Does it Take to Contest an Estate?
contested estate
Posted August 02, 2022

If you think something is wrong with an estate, or you feel that the deceased may have been manipulated, under duress, or coerced and that as a result you were wrongfully left out of a will or estate plan, you may think about challenging the estate. How long will that take? As you can imagine, […]

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Reasons You Never Want a Contested Estate
Contested Estates
Posted April 13, 2022

Whenever people discuss or write about estate planning, there seems to be one overriding goal: Avoiding a contested estate. But why is a contested estate something to avoid? Why does it matter if an estate is contested? The Lincolnshire estate planning lawyers at Orlowsky & Wilson can help. Legal and Non-Legal Reasons Some of the […]

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How to Avoid a Contested Estate Using Wills and Trusts
contested estate
Posted October 29, 2021

Estate plans accomplish many things, including ensuring  your actual wishes are seen through as you wanted them to be. Also, that there will be no battles about your intentions between your beneficiaries. Ultimately, when a person decides to put a comprehensive estate plan together, they are doing so because they want their wealth to be […]

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How to Use Life Insurance to Avoid a Contested Estate
contested estate
Posted July 30, 2021

When a person passes away, most of his or her assets will need to go through probate before they can be distributed, even when that individual has a will. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. Life insurance plans, for instance, do not go through probate. Furthermore, beneficiary designations on these kinds of policies […]

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Contesting a Will May Take Time
contested estate attorney in Chicago
Posted June 25, 2021

When a person passes away, but has a will in place, the executor of his/her estate will distribute that individual’s property and assets, but only after the will has been verified and executed. This process can take a few months but is usually resolved relatively quickly if there are no disagreements about the disposition of […]

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Why Lack of a Will Almost Guarantees a Contested Estate
Contested Estate
Posted June 03, 2021

As estate planning lawyers, we know that the last thing anyone wants is a contested estate. Illinois, like every other state in the nation, has its own set of intestate succession laws, which dictate how someone’s property will be distributed upon his or her death if there is no estate plan in place. Generally, under […]

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Should I Contest a Will or Trust?
Posted August 12, 2015

Should I Contest a Will or Trust? Provided By: Alan G. Orlowsky The death of a beloved friend or family member can be a time when those who loved the decedent draw closer to one another in celebration of the decedent’s life and legacy. Conversely, it can also be a time where tensions between surviving […]

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Widow of Robin Williams Contesting Estate
Posted March 10, 2015

Widow of Robin Williams Contesting Estate Provided By: Alan G. Orlowsky Contested Estates – The widow and children of famed comedian Robin Williams are fighting over his estate in court, according to theguardian. Filing paperwork in December and January, Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider Williams, accused the comedian’s children from previous marriages of taking personal items […]

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