Family Disputes


Orlowsky & Wilson, Ltd. recognizes that disputes among family members, concerning the disposition of family assets and the care of elder parents and grandparents, are very common and often predictable occurrences.  The intersection of ancient sibling rivalries, ancient parent/child conflicts and difficult family decisions among adult children, provide the fuel for volatile and destructive disputes, which often end up in unproductive litigation.

Knowing that family disputes are common and usually avoidable, Alan Orlowsky proactively works with clients to create understandable and well-defined boundaries under which family members can harmoniously resolve disagreements, well before they turn into destructive feuds.  Not only does Alan utilize common communication skills among family members and their consultants to avoid disputes, but also establishes the legal strategies and firewalls to minimize the occurrence of these anticipated events.

Although most disputes can be avoided altogether or resolved without the aid of litigation, if litigation is instituted, Orlowsky and Wilson, Ltd. can provide the litigation services necessary to successfully resolve or settle such a matter.  Drawing from a wealth of experience Orlowsky& Wilson, Ltd. understands the challenges of a contested estate and the anticipated and probable outcome(s).

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