Child Support and Custody

Child Support and Custody Attorneys in Illinois

Child Support

Both parents are responsible for the financial support of their child. In most cases, this obligation lasts until the child is 18. College costs are not mandatory but are typically addressed in the marital settlement agreement (divorce decree). In some instances, the court may use its discretion to order a parent to pay college costs.

An order for child support may be entered during or after a divorce, and either parent may be ordered to pay support depending upon how custody is arranged and the financial resources of the parents. In Illinois, an unmarried mother files a petition for child support in family court, an order for support may be entered once paternity is established.

The amount of child support varies with the unique circumstances of each case. The court will take into account many factors. Parents should always consult with a family law attorney who is familiar with child support guidelines and child support enforcement.

Child Custody and Visitation in Illinois

When a divorce involves custody and visitation of minor children the courts ask the question: What arrangement is in the best interest of the child? The answer to this question determines what custody and visitation schedule the court orders. In making a determination about custody and visitation the court will consider the legal rights and obligations of the parents but the primary concern of the court is the interests of the child.

Both Alan Orlowsky and Jodi Wilson are parents. We understand the difficult and emotional toll on parties involved in custody and visitation litigation. If the parties agree on a reasonable custody and visitation schedule the courts will likely uphold it. If the parents cannot reach an agreement we will aggressively defend your parental rights in court.

Joint Custody

Joint custody is an arrangement where custody of a child is awarded to both parties. Joint physical custody awards both parents the right to have physical custody of the child. Joint legal custody gives both parents equal authority to make major decisions about the child concerning education, religion, medical treatment, and other major issues.

Sole Custody

Sole custody awards one parent physical custody of the child and the authority to make major decisions about the child concerning education, religion, medical treatment, and other major issues.

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