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Only You Can Prevent Feuds Between Your Children
Posted February 27, 2014

Let’s talk about……Only You Can Prevent Feuds Between Your Children By Alan Orlowsky Hank and Betty, both in their eighties, each named their two adult children as co-trustees of their trusts. Hank died, leaving a $2 million estate. While Hank´s estate was still being administered, Betty died, leaving a $1.5 million estate. The two children, […]

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Baby Boomers: Do Your Parents Have an Estate Plan?
Posted January 08, 2014

Let’s Talk about…….Baby Boomers: Do your parents have an Estate Plan? By Alan Orlowsky Baby Boomer Joe McGill (not his real name) loved his parents, and when they died, Joe and his sister grieved. The fact that his parents left their estate in a chaotic mess didn’t diminish Joe’s affection for them, but it did […]

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Are you concerened with your current Estate Plan?
Posted November 06, 2013

Let’s Talk about……..Being concerned with your current Estate Plan or your Parents. By: Alan Orlowsky Below is a video showing some of the concerns Orlowsky & Wilson can help with. For a full list of services please visit us at www.orlowskywilson.com If you have questions about this post or about a particular legal situation, please […]

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