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Admitting a Lost Will to Probate
Probate Attorney
Posted July 11, 2017

Although it is not always possible to prevent a disgruntled family member from contesting a will,  there are steps that testators can take to help reduce the chances of a will contest. Unfortunately, even when testators are careful to abide by all procedural rules, their efforts may come to nothing if the family members are […]

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Small Estate Affidavits
Posted October 18, 2016

Small Estate Affidavits Provided By: Alan G. Orlowsky When a person passes away and leaves his or her remaining property to loved ones through a will or intestacy, a probate court must oversee administration of the assets. If the decedent had a will, a probate court will need to ensure that it is valid. In […]

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New Illinois Law Clarifies Disabled Testators
Posted May 24, 2016

Individuals considering planning for their future need to be aware of a new Illinois probate law that took effect in January that may affect whether their last will and testament is deemed valid by the courts upon their passing. However, as with many aspects of estate planning, many of these issues can be mitigated with […]

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Does My Will Have To Go Through Probate In Illinois?
Posted April 07, 2016

Does My Will Have To Go Through Probate In Illinois? Provided By: Alan G. Orlowsky Creating a will is important to ensuring an expedient and organized dispersion of assets to beneficiaries after death. However, there are certain circumstances where courts may need to validate wills and ensure certain debts and taxes are paid by the […]

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