Planning Your Estate: Advance Medical Directives
Estate Planning Attorney
Posted June 05, 2018

Most people associate estate planning with protecting their assets, as well as ensuring that loved ones will receive an inheritance. While these are important aspects of estate planning, there are also a number other factors to consider that go into the process, including planning for physical or mental incapacity. Preparing for this eventuality may be […]

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Payable-on-Death Accounts
Contested Estates Attorney
Posted May 22, 2018

When a person passes away, his or her estate is usually distributed by a probate court. This court-supervised process tends to be expensive and time-consuming, so most people attempt to avoid it by establishing a trust or creating a payable-on-death account. The latter, which are also known as PODs, are set up for a number […]

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Preparing Your Estate Plan
Estate Planning Attorney
Posted May 07, 2018

Creating an estate plan requires the collection of a variety of different documents, including financial records, deeds, and documentation related to personal matters. For help drafting a new will, creating a trust, or otherwise preparing to plan your estate, please contact one of our experienced estate planning attorneys today. Organizing Estate Planning Documents Working with […]

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Most Common Reasons to Contest a Will
Contested Will
Posted April 23, 2018

Even when a person creates a will, a relative or other interested party can still contest that will after the testator’s death, but only if there is evidence of fraud, lack of testamentary capacity, or proof that the will does not meet the necessary legal requirements. However, proving that a will is not valid is […]

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