Creating a Living Will
Estate Planning Lawyer
Posted December 20, 2016

Most wills take effect as soon as a testator passes away. There is, however, a different type of will, known as a living will, that becomes effective prior to death. These types of testamentary documents are most often used in situations where a person has become too ill to make his or her own medical […]

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Contesting a Will Based on Revocation
Posted December 05, 2016

Illinois courts are wary of revoking a person’s will as it is generally presumed that testators are competent at the time of a will’s execution. However, there are a few ways that an heir or family member can contest the validity of a will, one of which is to claim that a will was previously […]

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New Illinois Law Amends Inheritance Rights of Unborn Children
Posted November 22, 2016

This year, the Illinois Legislature passed the Illinois Parentage Act, which makes a significant change to probate law in regards to posthumous children. Under the terms of the new provisions, a posthumous child will not be considered a decedent’s child for inheritance purposes unless the child was in utero at the time of death. Although […]

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The Truth is Stranger than Fiction
Posted November 17, 2016

The Truth is Stranger than Fiction Provided By: Alan G. Orlowsky This story is based on a real case involving a man who created a solid plan for his estate that, unfortunately, went completely wrong. Here is what happened. In 2005, Joe Bartlett, owner of Optimum Manufacturing, created a will leaving everything except his business […]

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