Calculating the Illinois Estate Tax
Estate Planning Attorney
Posted February 23, 2017

In Illinois, the executors of estates that are worth more than $4 million are required to pay an estate tax. This means that even though an estate isn’t large enough to owe the federal estate tax, which is currently set at $5.49 million, it may still be required to pay state taxes to Illinois. Valuing […]

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Success with Significance Through Philanthropy
Estate Planning Attorney
Posted February 20, 2017

Once people reach a certain level of financial success, pursuits often become less about accumulating wealth, and more about creating significance, or leaving a legacy. This most often reveals itself through increased involvement in things that benefit their community and the world. In the world of estate and wealth strategies planning, there are many tools […]

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Partial Invalidation of a Will
Posted February 07, 2017

Generally, courts are reluctant to revoke the will of a testator and only do so when there is compelling evidence that a will was signed under duress, the testator lacked testamentary capacity, or that another existing will revokes a prior document. These challenges must be brought within six months of the will’s admission to probate […]

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Defending a Will Contest
Posted January 23, 2017

While many will contests are based on a valid belief by an heir that a testator was taken advantage of in his or her old age or that a will was forged and so does not represent the testator’s wishes, others are the result of complaints by disgruntled family members who believe that they did […]

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