Planning an Estate When You Own Property in a Foreign Country
International Living Wills
Posted April 25, 2017

The estate planning process can be difficult, especially when a testator has a number of different types of assets or multiple competing relatives. The process can become even more confusing, however, when a testator owns real property in a foreign country, as not all countries recognize U.S. wills. To ensure that all of your property […]

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Executor Responsibilities
Contested Estates Attorney
Posted April 12, 2017

Executors have many important responsibilities when it comes to administering a testator’s estate. For this reason, anyone who is considering creating or altering a will should take great care when assigning someone to be an executor. Choosing an irresponsible person to be the executor of your estate can have serious consequences, so if you are […]

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How to Avoid Estate Contests
Contested Estates Attorney
Posted March 20, 2017

Estate planning can be a complex and time-consuming process that requires compliance with a series of procedural rules. Failing to comply with these regulations can lead to a will being contested, so if you live in Illinois and want to ensure that your own will or trust is created in accordance with state law, it […]

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Reviewing Your Estate Plan
Estate Planning Attorney
Posted March 08, 2017

Many people believe that estate planning is a one-time event and that after creating a trust or drafting a will, a testator’s work is done. In reality, testators are urged to monitor their wills and trusts regularly to ensure that they reflect any changes in the testator’s circumstances. If you live in Illinois and are […]

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